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Artists > V-Sag
V-Sag - No Smoking

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Date: 2005-12-07
Source: Encoded by V-Sag

Hi! I'm Justine and a batchmate from LD. I'm fond of anwriseng surveys that's why I decided to help you out. I hope you consider my two cents worth reading.. :-)What is your all-time favorite children's story? Why?I've read a lot of children's books before and I had some favorites but unfortunately I forgot the title and the author. There was this story about 12 princesses who found a secret portal/gateway at their very own bedroom that eventually led them to a ball with handsome princes waiting for them. I forgot the ending..(sorry) but I remembered loving it when I was little. Also a story about a poor chinese boy who happens to be a very good painter. He was given a magic paintbrush (he can't afford to buy art supplies, he drew on walls and rocks etc.) that whatever he paints will come to life. He used it to help people. He was kidnapped because of that brush (bad men wanted him to paint gold, money..) but he managed to escaped also because of his paintbrush and somehow lived happily ever after.What's a classic theme of children's stories that will never, ever go out of style?Rags to riches and good winning over evil. It's always nice when they get what they deserve.What's a typical conflict faced by 6-10 year olds?Acceptance of other people, finding out what's your role in life, and the desire to grow up.In your opinion, what are key elements of a great short film?A unique plot, interesting characters and a great ending.If you've got a story idea that you've always wanted to pitch, do you want to work closely with me on this project?Why not? http://gjidadaoko.com [url=http://snolhvbgtr.com]snolhvbgtr[/url] [link=http://lwpbbbwsij.com]lwpbbbwsij[/link]

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