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Welcome to hybridized.org, your source for all the best breaks and progressive live & DJ sets!

Major Stefan Weise Update (, 2014-07-07T15:46:16)
Stefan Weise This serves to get you caught up with Stefan through the first half of 2014 and includes a live tagteam set from a recent gig in Colorado as well:

Stefan Weise - Blue Industries June 2014 (2014-06-25)
Stefan Weise - Velocity FM Afterhours Guestmix (2014-05-30)
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries May 2014 (2014-05-28)
Stefan Weise - Live Versus Rodd Sim at Bass Fusion (Denver) (2014-05-07)
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries April 2014 (2014-04-23)
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries March 2014 (2014-03-26)
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries February 2014 (2014-02-26)
Nick Warren/Nick Lewis Mini Update (, 2014-06-10T00:14:55)
Way Out West Hello out there. There's quite a backlog of sets, but here are a few that are of the essence to post:

Nick Warren - Sound Garden 023 (2014-05-07)
Nick Lewis - Universal (2014-03-28)
James Warren - Viscerals 036 and 036 (, 2014-04-26T21:45:15)
James Warren We're finally getting a chance to post James rounding out of 2013, including the "best of" 2013 in the form of Visceral 036. He wants us to remind you the tunes from both can be purchased from the usual suspects, including Beatport.

James Warren - Visceral 035 (2013-11-24)
James Warren - Visceral 036 (Past Forward) (2013-12-22)
Micah - Particles Guestmix (2014-03-09) (Admin, 2014-03-19T03:32:53)
Micah In commemoration of his recent debut album ("Swell") release, Micah brings another hour chocked full of his own creations, including a couple of Bent bootlegs that will be gifted to all loyal fans in a few short weeks. To find out how to get them, keep your eyes glued to Micah's Facebook. Enjoy the mix in the meanwhile.

Micah - Particles Guestmix (2014-03-09)
WOW in 2014 (, 2014-03-08T16:30:43)
Way Out West Finally, the motherload volcanic explosion that has been building in anticipation for over 3 months (well, not really, since most of these could be had from SoundCloud...but pretend with us). Recommendations: For Jody, check the most recent Way Out There and Intensified for some excellent variety and overall musical content (and a special note to Chaz: Check the January Intensified for some RITM homage). For Nick, the Sound Garden is worth your time for it is both Balearic and brooding. Special thanks to stev0b for his unending devotion in compiling tracklistings. Here are the sets in reverse chronological order:

Jody Wisternoff - March 2014 Intensified (2014-03-03)
Nick Warren - Sound Garden 022 (2014-02-20)
Jody Wisternoff - February 2014 Way Out There (2014-02-18)
Jody Wisternoff - February 2014 Intensified (2014-02-03)
Jody Wisternoff - January 2014 Way Out There (2014-01-21)
Nick Warren - Delta Sessions (2014-01-15)
Jody Wisternoff - January 2014 Intensified (2014-01-06)

Newest Sets
 Title   Date   Comments 
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries June 2014 2014-06-25 0 Discuss this set
Stefan Weise - Velocity FM Afterhours Guestmix 2014-05-30 0 Discuss this set
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries May 2014 2014-05-28 1 Discuss this set
Stefan Weise - Live Versus Rodd Sim at Bass Fusion (Denver) 2014-05-07 0 Discuss this set
Stefan Weise - Blue Industries April 2014 2014-04-23 1 Discuss this set

Most Popular (last 30 days)
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(last 30 days) 
Nick Warren - Mixology 004 Guest Mix (2007-09-06).mp3 84.4 MB 61:26 192 kb/s 6619
Hybrid - February 2010 DJ Mix (2010-02-22).mp3 137.0 MB 59:53 320 kb/s 6162
01 - Hybrid - Sinning in LA Guest Mix (2010-03-30) Part 1.mp3 68.8 MB 30:04 320 kb/s 4723
Jody Wisternoff - DJ Set at Dolce Vita, Bahia Brazil (2009-12-31).mp3 268.4 MB 117:16 320 kb/s 4517
02 - Hybrid - Sinning in LA Guest Mix (2010-03-30) Part 2.mp3 68.7 MB 30:00 320 kb/s 3523
Jody Wisternoff - February 2010 Intensified (2010-02-02).mp3 138.1 MB 60:21 320 kb/s 3123
Trafik - Triptik presents Trafik - Star Gazing 8 on friskyRadio (2010-01-21).mp3 135.5 MB 59:13 320 kb/s 2780
Nick Warren - March 2010 Mix (2010-03-04).mp3 119.7 MB 65:21 256 kb/s 2763
Jody Wisternoff - March 2010 Way Out There (2010-03-16).mp3 138.7 MB 60:35 320 kb/s 2753
Jody Wisternoff - March 2010 Intensified (2010-03-01).mp3 141.3 MB 61:43 320 kb/s 2446
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